Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You MUST be s****ing me

This in from the AP:

GRAYSLAKE, ILL.-- Christopher Berger is an honor student at Grayslake Central High School. He's also a choir singer, as well as a former football player who spends half the day training to be a firefighter. That exemplary record now includes something new: A police ticket for reckless conduct given last week after school officials discovered a multi-tool flashlight in a jacket he left in the cafeteria. The tools include a 2-inch blade, screwdriver, pliers and other gadgets prohibited under school policy. Berger has prepared a petition asking that the charges be dismissed. He has knocked on the doors of neighbors to tell his story. So far he has obtained 16 signatures from the neighborhood and nearly 50 from school, four from teachers.

Hello?! Clueless adminstrator types?! Pointy-haired Dilbert-boss clones?!


Honestly, sometimes I think these people see "zero tolerance" and immediately flush their cerebral material down the toilet because they think it means "no need for brains".

I hope the kid wins. He did nothing wrong, but the "powers that be" clearly need a reality check: the "rules" exist to help the people, the people don't exist to pay slavish devotion to "the rules".

Man, have I been crotchety lately, or what?


TOOKIE said...

Hahahaha That is next door to where my boss is from !

quincy pilgrim said...

Well it's just goofy.

But then "intent" doesn't count for anything anymore.

"What do they teach in these schools anymore?"