Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You never appreciate...

I've lived in Quincy since 1996. The community is clean, friendly, contrary to popular opinion there IS quite a bit to do and get involved in, and for the most part while it has some problems, they are not insurmountable nor devastating nor indicative of a community heading out in the proverbial handbasket.

I like Quincy. I like the people. I don't like some of the political games and some things about local government, but those things--in the long term--tend to get corrected or at least modified for the better. And I keep my fingers crossed.

But all that's just to set up this:

Why am I then, just like the old cliche, so remiss when it comes to participating in activities in my own backyard?

To wit, for the first time in 12 years I went to the K of C barbeque. Doh! Where have I been? Don't ask me to figure out why I succumbed for so long to the notion that you don't visit the attractions at home. It's kind of dumb, to be honest, especially these days with gas prices what they are. Why drive to St. Louis or Chicago when we have great events and activities right here (or relatively close)?

Anyway the KofC was great, well-organized, clean, and just lots of fun. I didn't even go with a big bunch of friends. I let one person convince me to go with his family and I had a great time.

Another confession: last year was the first time I went to the Adams County Fair. I grant that I went primarily to sing the National Anthem before the big concert (Adkins? Was that the performer? I forget, except his band members paid me a great compliment saying "Wow man, you got a GREAT set of pipes!"). But I hung around a while and again, it was great fun.

The point is this: don't whine about "nothing to do". Even beyond special events there are activities, museums, concerts (of many stripes), and who knows what-all going on nearly all the time in Quincy and the surrounding area. So get out and enjoy!

A plug: LST-325, the last of the operating World War 2 era "Landing Ship, Tanks" is docked at the Hannibal waterfront through Monday. It was at Normandy, in Korea, in Vietnam, and even spent some years in Greece. It's been refurbished as a museum and a memorial. Go see it, if for nothing else than to see the "original manufacturer equipment" that is stamped "Quincy". Yes, made right here by the old Quincy Compressor.

I've rambled enough for this morning. Time to get some work done around the house.


TOOKIE said...

I Heart you Ortho

pravoslavniye said...

Thanks...I think. :)