Monday, July 12, 2010

Naval gaming the ACW

That's "American Civil War".

I've just invested in some ironclads to play games based primarily on the Mississippi River and tributaries during the 1861-1865 time period. I was fortunate during the 25th annual QuinCon convention in Quincy last month to play in two games of a ruleset titled "Raiders & Blockaders" and had such a great time I decided to do some ironclad games of my own.

So, I hear you ask, what do you mean ironclads?


(That one's from David Manley, a UK wargamer and naval aficionado.)

(And that's from Scott Mingus, newly into the era, like myself.)

The Manley ship is 1/1200 scale. The Mingus ships are twice as big, at 1/600.

I'm going with 1/2400, which is half the size of the Manley ship. Yes, it's pretty small, but they are also inexpensive ($1.50 each), whereas the 1/1200's run from $4 to $10 apiece, and the 1/600's run from $18 to $26 apiece. They're more detailed, but I can't justify the expense.

Plus I can use the 1/2400 ships with a board wargame I already own titled "Ironclads" and thus don't have to buy a new set of rules.

OTOH Mr. Manley has a superb set of rules titled "Iron & Fire", and I did enjoy "Raiders & Blockaders" at QuinCon.

When I get my own painted and some riverbank terrain modeled, I'll play a game and take some pictures for the blog.

So many minis, so little time. :)


scottmingus said...

Looking forward to future photos of your fleets!

pravoslavniye said...

I love your site, Scott. I love your 1/600 ACW too, but alas until I win the lottery I can't afford more than three or four of them. :)