Sunday, July 18, 2010

More ACW Naval Gaming

My ships came in.

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right.

My little 1/2400 American Civil War ironclads arrived and I've done some work prepping them for gaming.

Here are a handful of pictures. Sorry they're not great images, the only camera I have is my phone.

First we have the ships I've mounted so far. The bases are mostly 1.5mm thick, 15mm x 30mm wood from Litko Aerosystems, painted a muddy brown, with a hint of dark blue in the middle and cream color astern to simulate the action of screw, stern and sidewheels. I then cover the base with clear tape which gives a bit of that water shine, and finally glue the ship into place. The name is pasted on the bottom of the base.

Next here are most of the unmounted ironclads awaiting their turn. I do have a handful of ships that don't fit the small bases and am using larger (20mm x 50mm) for them. Unfortunately those bases are much thicker but what can you do?

You don't look like you're bored enough yet, so here are some ironclads pretending to fight it out on part of a map from 3W's "Shot and Shell" (the Yaquinto "Ironclads" maps were in the other room but pretty much look the same as this). You have the USS Cairo and USS Carondelet in the foreground preparing to blow the bejeepers out of the Arkansas (I think), the General Bragg and the Queen of the West (captured from the Union in 1862, IIRC).

And finally my current workspace, which is a TV table in my living room. Yes that is a fireplace in the background but it doesn't work. The fan was necessary, not due to fumes, but because IT'S FLIPPING HOT AROUND HERE THESE DAYS!!!

For those who care about such things, I have decided to use David Manley's "Iron & Fire" rules. I like the balanced level of complexity/realism/fun. They'll also be cool for use with (someday, when I can afford them) Thoroughbred 1/600 ironclad minis--remember, 1/1200 is twice as large as what I have, and 1/600 is twice as large as the 1/1200s. My eyes aren't young anymore...

Now get your boat out of my waters before I get my crew to pumpin' 9" Dahlgren smoothbore shells at ya! (Look it up, seriously :)

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