Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Visit from St. Nicholas

No, not Clement Moore's poem.

This is the real St. Nick, the Bishop of Myra in Lycia in Asia Minor, the one who tossed bags of gold through the window of a poor man so his daughters could get married.

Today, my priest visited me to tell me an anonymous person gave to the St Raphael Church Charity Fund for the purpose of assisting me in my financial bind while being treated for cancer and unable to work.

The amount is immaterial though not insubstantial, and will help with the cost of living until I get back to work in June after my final chemo treatment.

Glory to God, thanks to St. Nicholas and his servant, who have blessed me immensely with their support and love!

As an update for those wondering about my health: a PET Scan two months ago showed the cancer much reduced and inactive, so there is one more scheduled treatment on June 9th. In fact the cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) hasn't really caused me much trouble--it's been the ancillary issues such as severe gout, a massive kidney stone, and the reaction to the chemo that's kept me from working.

Hopefully after the chemo is done I will bounce back quickly. My hope is to be back full time by the beginning of July and county fair season (so our Jim Dewey can focus on Farm Director duties and I can handle news once more).

On the positive side, I'm down almost 100 pounds since December, and feeling good about that. A 56 inch waist is so much nicer than a 66 inch waist, though all my pants are too baggy now. I hope to get a real exercise program set up as well as seriously watching what I eat. The goal over the next year will be to get down to about 240 pounds. 50 and fit, that's where I'm headed! :)

Anyway, once again thanks be to God and to my saviour Jesus Christ, to St. Nicholas and my anonymous benefactor, as well as to the doctors and nurses and staff and family and friends who have helped me through this.

God bless you all!

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